Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day

My wife is perfect. Yes, I know, that only the Blessed Mother was perfect, and yes, I know what that means. My wife is perfect for me. If I could write a description of everything I needed or wanted in a wife, I'd still wind up with her, I have no doubt.

That having been said, she is also as perfect a Mom as she could possibly be and still be human. She is loving, patient - strong and soft at the same time. She is so focused on teaching and nurturing our three girls that I am constantly amazed. I mean, I try to be a good Daddy, and I think I do okay, but I am nowhere near her league. The funny thing is, that, prior to the birth of our first child some 5 years ago, she would not - literally would not - hold a baby. That fear/hesitance lasted about three days, and since then she has been on an uninterrupted climb to Mommy Stardom. I am so lucky. I am so blessed.

I guess I was in childhood, too. My own mother, who passed on 15 years ago this week, was amazing. She made me who and what I am (at least the good parts). I Loved her dearly. I still do, I suppose, and always will.


Carolina Cannonball said...

what a very lovely post. I was scared of babies too and never held one till I had my 1st son. Then I held him for three solid days until he returned to Our Lord.

I love hearing men talk about how much they love their wives. It shows me that good guys are out there... loyal, loving, and faithful and smitten beyond words.
Of course my beau is one of those great guys... but I'm still no ones wife. lol.

Yours sounds like a wonderful women.

Tom S. said...

She is, Cannonball. She has to be to have put up with me these past 15 years! In fact, she is the reason I am Catholic today. I was raised Catholic, but had drifted away in my 20's. In fact, I was theoretically a Mennonite when we met, though I had kind of drifted away from that, too. She was a self described "mega catholic" and she brought me "home". We were married in the church, and I have been there ever since. Still have to sell her on the TLM, though! Maybe if we get one closer to home. No way I could get her, and the three kids, to Dunn every Sunday!