Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Priests et parishes et Latin et stability et cetera

My new home parish has been blessed for the past year to have not only a great Pastor in Father John Allen, but a fantastic newly-ordained Parochial Vicar, Father Benjamin Roberts.

Father Roberts is a fantastic young Priest in many ways. For one, give GREAT homilies, which are both enlightening and inspiring. He also has a fantastic voice with which to sing the Mass - and usually does so. And in fact, on Pentecost, sung the Mass in LATIN! (Albeit within the context of the Apostles and various languages and the first Pentecost) Overall, he is simply inspiring. I thank God for his time at our parish.

BUT.... it was announced last Sunday that he will be leaving us for another parish in the diocese, to be replaced by one of our four (!) newly ordained Priests. A blessing for them, to be sure, but I have to wonder why!?! Why move a man so often? I know that there are so few priests and Priests need to be moved periodically to match their skill-set with the Parish, but I wish it didn't happen so often. I could understand it better if the Bishop gave some sort of hint as to why, but none is forthcoming - at least not in this case.

Along similar lines, I find it puzzling that some parishes have a Pastor assigned, and that is where he stays, leading to stability and (sometimes) growth. And other Parishes seem to change administrations every few years. Hmmm

BUT!!!! on the bright side, we in the Diocese of Charlotte now (as of 5-4-2010) have four new priests!!!

And I am looking forward to meeting ours on July 1st!!!

Deo Gratias

Making Sense

After months and months of reading (and hearing) so much "irrational exuberance" (i.e. crack-smoking) from the so-called "business press". FINALLY some one makes a little bit of sense.


The truly amazing thing is that the fourth estate has been able to blow so much smoke for so long about the alleged "recovery". This mindless optimism can only be explained by either a true malice and intent to misinform or a complete insular within-the-Wall-Street mindset - only getting information from other insiders.