Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Mass

As per my new routine, I attended Mass this morning at Our Lady of Grace Church. It has been a bit of a tough adaptation to change from a routine of some 16 years or so, but I have begun to appreciate the change. The whole process being helped especially by the semi regular celebration of the mass by one Msgr. Joseph Showfety, my retired former Pastor and something of an institution in our Diocese. And without a doubt, the BEST homilist I have ever heard. INCREDIBLE depth of knowledge, ALWAYS on point, ALWAYS with enough background explanation that one can really appreciate the meaning of the readings, and ALWAYS engaging.

As much as it breaks my heart to have "lost" my old church, I have really come to enjoy the new. Maybe I am being silly to have been chased away by something as superficial as musical accompaniment, but I really don't know. Right or Wrong, at least now I leave mass feeling full of Grace and God's love, instead of angry and with a knot in my gut. It reminds me, as I think of it, of something I read some time ago on Father Z's blog to the effect of Good music may not always draw people to the Church, but BAD music NEVER does.

Six Months On.

This past week marks a milestone in my career. I have now passed the six month mark in my employment in my new position, meaning two things - One, I am no longer on "double secret probation" and Two, I am no officially enrolled, for the first time in my recent life, in a honest - to - God retirement plan.

Again, reflecting on my job and the amazing fact that I have it at all, I pray for all of those who prayed for me during my months of unemployment. And I will always do so. Thanks to you all.....