Thursday, October 25, 2007

Life and Times

Anybody who has read or heard the news in the last few months knows about the problems in the mortgage and housing industries. Those of us involved in the industry have been watching and listening warily - fearfully - to each new bit of news. It was one of those situations where you knew something bad was going to happen, but there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Amazingly (at least to me) the industry kept plugging along like there was no tomorrow. We were swamped with work, subdivisions going up, houses going up, development everywhere.

Until this month.

Now, in a span of a few weeks, most of our big clients called and put a hold on all of their projects "until at least next spring". Now there is little work in-house, and very few prospects for more. I personally have no work to do to speak of. Yesterday we laid off half of my field staff, and then we had a company meeting wherein it was explained just how dire the situation is, and how we think we can all hang on until January, but after that, unless something changes, we will have to cut virtually everyone else. This is all set in the background knowledge that there are several firms in this business, both big and small, who have or are getting ready to go out of business entirely. Needless to say, it gives me pause.

Of course, I am prone to overreaction, so maybe it'll all work out and happy days will be here again in a few months! In the meantime, I can't get this song out of my head...

It has been said that those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. But that ignores the fact that those who do remember history are doomed to worry about repeating it!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Just last week, the first publicly celebrated Traditional Latin Mass was celebrated at Davis Chapel on the campus of Wake Forest University, in Winston Salem, North Carolina.
The mass was beautifully celebrated by Father Weber, with the blessings of Bishop Jugis, and with the bishop reportedly excitedly awaiting the results.

Well, the results are in, folks. I received the following information in email just this morning:

Friends of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form:

Fr. Weber has asked me to email to you this notice from him:

"With the encouragement of the Bishop of Charlotte, Most Reverend Peter J. Jugis, on certain Sundays, feasts and other days, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered in the Extraordinary Form for the Catholic Community of Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, by Father Samuel F. Weber, O.S.B., faculty member of the Wake Forest University Divinity School. On Sunday October 14, Holy Mass will be offered in the Davis chapel at 1:30 p.m. Other days and times will be announced. Guests are welcome. "

GLORIOUS NEWS! WE'VE GOT A SUNDAY MASS! Prayers are answered! I need only add: This is again short notice; none of us was expecting this quick a reply from Bishop Jugis. Fr. Weber wants to get started right away. And so do I! SO DO WE!

Again, we need your presence. The numbers helped. And you people did just splendid last Friday, and you oldsters really helped out us new people. We're still in the beginning phase of this. Speaking just for myself, I have high hopes someday for a full High Mass.

Again, bring you Missals or Missalette. I have invited Dan Hunter to be with us again and to bring his red Missalettes. I pray that he can come!

I'll keep y'all posted as new information comes in. All'y'all, let others know, especially those without email.

Now give thanks to Almighty God. And see you Sunday at 1:30pm!

-- Sid Cundiff

Give Thanks to Almighty God indeed!!!!!!

I can't wait to be there! Come join if you are interested at all....
The more the better. Numbers matter.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What if.....

A few day ago, the brilliant Father Z created a post, entitled What if..

It was thought provoking, chilling thought provoking. It has got me thinking in detail about such scenarios, planning, preparing. How could anyone do otherwise? Remember Hurricane Andrew? or more recently (and famously) Katrina? Hordes of people, on the road, nowhere to go, no way to sustain themselves, no prospects.....

I started to think about this in some way many many years ago, when I saw the opening episode of James Burke's series CONNECTIONS. He goes into extreme, chilling (again) detail on how far out on the social/technological limb we are all living. YOU owe it to yourself to watch this show, now in segments on youtube, here is segment 1:

Then think about it, think clearly, REALLY think...
If you had to feed and shelter yourself, and your family, how would you?
If you had to get out, how would you?
Remember, you and your family will be dead in a week if you don't have food and shelter.
Where would you go, and How?
Run, Drive, Hitchhike?
Do you have a destination?
Is it safe?
How do you know?
Is it defensible?

Remember, when All Hell breaks loose, millions of people will be unprepared, and will come boiling out of every city like fire ants, looking for food and shelter. Some of them will not be very nice people to begin with, and ALL of them will be desperate. They will want what you have, be it your shelter, your food, your wife, your kids. Are you willing and able to protect them?

You've been without power for a few days, it's no problem, if you're prepared. But what if it's a few weeks? Or a month? Or a year? Think it can't happen? Read this. When it does, what will you do? The world is full of people who would relish the prospect. They dream of the Great Satan being crippled, starving, broke. So far they have been unlucky, gotten caught - but eventually luck turns.

What about religious persecution? Or government persecution - Papers, Please.
Think it can't happen? So did these nice people.

Think about it...