Monday, January 25, 2010

What I Learned at Mass on Sunday

Since I had to blow out of Saturday vigil mass during the presentation of the gifts due to two squirmy children. I decided to go at 10:30 Sunday morning to make up for the missed time. At a different parish, one which my wife loves and attends regulary.

Here I learned a couple of things. First, it appears to be a rule that older women (say 65+) find it impossible to sit in church and quietly (let alone prayerfully) wait for mass to start. This is a BIG church, and there were perhaps a half-dozen LOUD group conversations going on for some time - not to mention a lot of semi-hushed ones. Almost without exception the conversants were old and female.

Funny that the YOUNGER women (<40 or so) seemed to come in, kneel and pray and wait in silence.

Counterintuitive, ain't it?

What I Learned at Mass on Saturday

I rerely attend Saturday vigil Mass. It just doesn't feel right, no matter what the Curch says. Legal perhaps, but just not quite right. But this week I did, due largely to time demands. And it was a very educational experience!

For instance, I learned from the Homily that the HOMILY is the most important part of the Mass - and the most important thing that a priest can do! I have this on good authority because the priest's homiletics professor told him so.

And all this time I thought the Eucharist was "the source and summit" and all that!

Silly Me!!!