Monday, January 25, 2010

What I Learned at Mass on Saturday

I rerely attend Saturday vigil Mass. It just doesn't feel right, no matter what the Curch says. Legal perhaps, but just not quite right. But this week I did, due largely to time demands. And it was a very educational experience!

For instance, I learned from the Homily that the HOMILY is the most important part of the Mass - and the most important thing that a priest can do! I have this on good authority because the priest's homiletics professor told him so.

And all this time I thought the Eucharist was "the source and summit" and all that!

Silly Me!!!


Anonymous said...

why don't you try Unity church or start with the unitarian church, which eventually will become too striacvt,since thye stillsing hymns. i was born jewish, started investigating eastern religions. aprticularly buddhism, gotinto a christ cosciouness withmessianic jews, but eventaully dorpping allthe ritual and crowsds and instruction to do this and do that i went to the unity church and it was mcuhlike the church of rthe scienceof rekgious mind. you can listen to a lot of spearkes, but make sure the minster has pizzaz a good personallity and knows what ihe is talking about. i stillhave a chirist cosciusness. and repsect allso the no nmaned god of buddhist, but all good teachings are the same, they all have the same ethics and values, you don't have to meditate or do things THEY tell you to get something out of it, band eventually you want to get to enlightenment so anyway experiment around,take your wife, tak to your children do things with them but watch out for those in the church who want to CONTROL, like in 3oo a.d. when they o.k. d the new testament and left out a lot of other truths, don't feel bad about this, feel good that you are open.. if you want email me at i am in sedona the unites states. ms. e.

Tom S. said...

Ms. E.

I am a proud, happy Catholic. I appreciate your comment, but I think maybe you have mistaken my comment about one small incident and extrapolated it into displeasure with the Church as a whole. I do feel good about it, sad that it is this way, but good about my commenting on it. As the saying goes "Somebody had to say it".

Thanks for the comment all the same, and thanks for reading!