Thursday, May 24, 2007

Slacking Off

I have been slack in my blogging lately, I know. Special thanks to the Cannonball for bringing this to my attention. I apologize to my loyal reader!

I tend to fall behind on many things in the summertime, because my teaching requires two nights plus all-day Saturdays. This in addition to my usual 7-6 regular job. Factor in the children and wife and I just don't get much time to do anything, including sleep.

That combined with the fact that the fatigue brings with it a certain lack of focus and energy means that I get slack.

But MAN does it feel good that I am missed!

1 comment:

Carolina Cannonball said...

dont feel bad for not having more blogging time. I am a cubicle dweller at work and do all my blogging instead of working. Im really a fairly lazy creature.