Thursday, May 31, 2007


Okay, I'm back. Or at least closer to being my old blogself. As I said in my previous post, I enjoyed mass this weekend.


"WE ARE A PILGRIM PEOPLE" !!!!???!!!???!!!

What the hell kind of line is that? It's not only lame, it's bad grammar as well. And above all it reminds me of that incongruous "We be jammin'" line from that horrible 1980's remake of "Lean on Me".

How can anyone look at that and not cringe??? What the hell are they thinking? Isn't anyone paying attention? I presume not, simply because I don't doubt the sincerity of those who are involved. The people involved with the music at my parish are reverent and enthusiastic and level-headed. I just have the feeling that no one ever bothered to teach them that there is a better way. God knows they sure don't have any examples to go by or shoot for around here! In fact, they seem to be the top of the game in these parts. At least there is no dancing or clapping or tambourines involved. Given the environment, they have, in fact, done an amazing job in getting it mostly right.

Which as I think about it, brings me to the next point. What if there was some sort of traveling schola that gave concerts and seminars to the church musicians in each diocese?? The concerts would be open to the general public, of course, and the ticket sales might cover the cost and then some. The afternoon before the concert could be devoted to the very basics of chant and classical hymnody. Then the concert would show just how amazing and beautiful it can be. Follow up with a few more classes the next day to help get the "locals" started, and off to the next city!

Any comments??

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