Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My New Missal

I just ordered my brand new 1962 Missal from Catholic Overstock. It is the Baronius Press version, and was on sale for 50% off. That's right, ladies and gentlemen HALF PRICE. Including taxes and shipping, that made my total a bit over thirty bucks! I have been wanting to buy one for six months or so, but the $60 price (both from Baronius Press and Angelus Press) was a bit too much to swallow, at least without a mass in which to use the missal in the first place! But at this price, I couldn't see waiting.

Now comes the anticipation! I have been using the remains of a hand-me-down Saint Joseph's Daily Missal to read and refer to. This is made quite difficult by the fact that the binding was about 80% destroyed 20-some years ago by my then puppy Border Collie (as was every book on the bottom two shelves of my bookcase). The semi loose-leaf format can be a bit difficult, so I am all the more excited about the new one. Not that I have use for it in an actual mass right now, as there are none in these here parts, but I am hoping and praying every day that, God willing, that will change soon.

I don't know how many will read this, or are wanting to buy a missal, but it's impossible to beat that price. You can't hardly buy an old one on ebay for that. Plus, unlike ebay, I have no worries about condition, or which version of the missal I am getting. I am no expert on these things but I know that many small changes to the mass and the calendar were made in the 1950's and I would be hard pressed to know which version is which. With a new one, I have the you betcha 10-4 roger official version. I have never dealt with them before, so I have no experience on which to base a recommendation, but if you are looking to buy a missal, they are worth a look.

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mike said...

Hope to see you get a chance to use your Missal at Mass soon, and to discuss how referring to it at Mass is edifying.

Y'all have a blessed day.