Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Series!!!

The whole point of a blog (or any writing really) is to say something that the writer feels needs to be said.  This blog started of with a focus on the liturgy and the Church.  Both good and important subjects - but there are other things that in fact, the author feels need to be said.  In the past I have rambled on about various subjects not Church related, but now I intend to focus more on some things and in a more organized and systematic fashion.  So allow me to introduce:  

The Scheisshaus Series!

A series of essays and observations on human nature, civilization, society, and life in todays world.
The name is a adaptation in German of "S**thouse Philosopher" a term of derision my father used to use years ago to describe an individual who holds forth on a subject about which he may or may not technically have any knowledge but desperately wants to be perceived as having such.  In my case, I have NO pretense about my expertise or qualifications and am in no way trying to come across as such.  I am just a man who observes things, thinks about them and then sometimes, comes up with something that simply needs to be said.

So stay tuned to these pages over the next few weeks.  Because this has been building up in my head for a while now, but the time wasn't there to hammer it all out.  But now I have been moved to start, and there is a backlog of "mental essays" that need to make it out onto the ether.

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