Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Bear and the Diocese

Years ago, back when there was a Soviet Union, a massive amount of time and effort was put by western governments (and press) went into reading what news and information was published there. The real point being not so much the factual details of the article, but the message that was being conveyed by the existence and the context of the articles themselves. An article about corruption, for instance, meant that the authorities were watching it closely. Two articles meant they were getting serious, and get honest quickly. Three articles meant if your hand is in the till, get ready for your ass to be in the Gulag.

Now, for years, the dioscean paper of the Charlotte Diocese, The News & Herald has had a pleasant, but unremarkable existence. Then several weeks ago, the format changed and the content became much, much more focused. It seemed like our FINE bishop was taking the game up a notch. Putting it in Soviet Watch terms, if I may - pay attention to what is going on here!

Then, last week, an article about a beautiful and very traditional church renovation in Tryon, NC, featured in this New Liturgical Movement post. Now, the current issue features a spread of yet another renovation - less extensive, but still traditional and Catholic looking. Better yet, this time the spread features traditional (and old) statuary, and prominent blurb about Sacred Art and Vatican II. As Icing on the Cake, these same issues had an article about the importance of - and resurgence of - Altar Boys, as well as a column about Chapel Veils.

Again in Soviet Watch terms, the beauty and truth of Catholicism and our external Catholic Identity is important. And, if you think that all of Catholic Tradition was put asunder by Vatican II, you're wrong.

Pay Attention. Catholicism is coming. Get ready.


Cruise the Groove. said...

Mr Publican Surveyor,

Speaking of Tradition, will you and yours be assisting at OLG for the Feast of the Holy Family at 4pm on the 9th?
It will be a Solemn Mass offered by Fr Ferguson FSSP.
God bless

Tom S. said...

Indeed I will be there! With at least a part of the family.