Monday, October 20, 2008

Political Prescience.. or I Was Right

Way back in January, when there was still a whole gaggle of presidential candidates (from both parties) I felt that there was one guy and ONLY one guy, of the Republican group that group that had more than a snowball's chance in hell of actually winning in November. He had a way of connecting and a way of understanding the real people out there who make the country work. Sadly, he was sneered at (not one of the chattering class), pigeonholed (a nasty horrible bible-thumper), and wrongly defined by the "conservative" base as a closet Democrat. The (save for McCain, who was at least respectful) republican cognoscenti just couldn't suffer such a rube.

And above all, he had the AUDACITY to believe that the aforesaid real people knew what was actually HAPPENING in the economy. This served them as confirmation the he was truly clueless, because all of their friends said the economy was GREAT!!!!

Witness this exchange in the Republican debate from January 28th:

But let's look at those economic issues. A few months ago, when we were all in Dearborn, Michigan, your network was the sponsor with CNBC and MSNBC, and every one of us were asked, "How's the economy doing?" every one of my colleagues said, "It's doing great," and they gave all the numbers.

When they came to me, I know people acted like I was the only guy at the U.N. without a headset that night. But the truth is, I was the only guy on that stage who said it may be doing great if you're at the top. But if you talk to the people at the bottom of the economy, the people who are handling the bags, the people who are serving the food, you get a very different picture, because their health care costs are up dramatically.

The cost to educate their children are up. And the cost of their fuel has way outstripped any wage increase they've had.

Now, often we hear people talk about trickle-down economics, that if you have a wonderful surge in the economy that it eventually works it way down to all sectors. But there's another issue, too: there is a trickle-up impact when the economy begins to go sour. And if you pay attention to the people who are the single moms and the working people who barely get from paycheck to paycheck, you'd find out months in advance that this economy was headed for a downward turn. And that's what I think people need in the president, is somebody who understands the totality of the American family and not just the folks at the top.

Governor Mike Huckabee doesn't sound like a rube anymore, does he?????

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