Thursday, March 27, 2008

How Stands the Empire???

SO WENT the last words of the late King George V. Or so the (apocryphal) story goes.

The question nowadays is more along the lines of "How Stands the Western World?". Well, for those of us who care, and are observant and not entranced and numbed by the indescribably vapid pop culture around us, the answer is obvious - it sucks. We live in a world where of people lead empty hedonistic self destructive lives. Examples are everywhere, form non-existent birth rates to drunken louts running amok to the worst offense of all - indifference. Indifference at the same time the culture is being overgrown by external forces hostile to the past 500 years of western heritage - here is a column from today about that very thing.

Well, fortunately, not everyone in a position of power is oblivious to what is happening. The Throne of Peter is currently occupied by one who not only sees what is going on, but who is so intellectually powerful that he has a plan to try to stop the bleeding - and re-win the battle. This aside from the fact that he has the Holy Spirit on his side - as well as at his side! Pope Benedict is a man on a mission. Not only that he is a man with a plan. Bit by bit we can see it being played out. And it is beautiful!

Today, browsing my usual blogs, I came across this post by my friend the Catholic Knight. Obviously he is onto the same thing. His Holiness sees a problem and he means to address it! A year ago, I had the feeling (as did many) that he was intending to derestrict the old mass the try to save keep the church from flying apart due to the lack of discipline and teaching and the liturgical free for all that had developed. Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi. Now it is apparent that that was only a small small part of the plan.

Then, thanks to a "google alert", I got a link to this article which is saying some of the same things. Yes I know that it's from the followers of the late Herbert W. Armstrong, and I am in no way endorsing that, but that doesn't exclude it from being insightful and correct - albeit from a different perspective.

So, bit by bit the lines are being drawn. And the people are deciding on one side or the other. It's still somewhat at an embyonic stage - actually more of a 12-week fetal stage - but it is happening. Get ready, folks. It's gonna take a while, and it's gonna get rough.


tallone said...

I would not be endorsing ANYTHING that comes out of Gerald Flurry's mouth or from his magazines. This man has taken the heretical teachings of Herbert Armstrong and taken them to the extreme. His most recent edict was that all members of his church were to cut off all contact with any relatives or family members who are not part of his cult. Thus families have been torn apart, lives destroyed, and marriages broken. Children are not allowed to see elderly parents. Grandparents have been cut off from grandchildren. Marriages have been destroyed because one spouse does not agree with Flurry's nonsense. He demands triple tithing from his cult members and is not expecting them to help finance a new concert hall in the middle of Oklahoma on his 'college' campus that is dedicated to all things related to Herbert Armstrong. Be afraid, VERY afraid! I know, because I grew up in Armstrong's nonsense.

Tom S. said...

Please don't misunderstand. I was NOT endorsing it in any way. I mentioned it not as an endorsement, but to bring attention to the fact that even those outside the church are noticing the trend I was discussing. Had it been from a muslim or an athiest, I'd have mentioned it in the same way.

If I did anything to give the impression of endorsement, I am sorry. That was not intended at all. I don't know all of the dogma of the Armstrongites, nor do I wish to, but I have seen and heard enough to know they are to be avoided at all

Charlie said...

Interesting for sure. Seems like we're thriving off "bread and circuses" right now.