Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Summorum Pontificum, at T Plus 32 Hours

T is for Tridentine, of course!!

More than 32 hours as I sit here typing this since the Traditional Latin Mass was liberated. Or, as it is now rightly called, the mass of Blessed John XXIII. At this time there has been no official statement for the Diocese of Charlotte. I am disappointed in this, but not disheartened. I know that the Bishop discussed the subject with the presbyterial council on Tuesday, the 11th, so I know that something is being worked on. I just wish that things would move along more quickly.

Of course, there is the possibility that Bishop Jugis made some private communication to the priests of the diocese, and we parishoners will all be informed of it through our priests. In fact, I suppose that that is probably the proper way to do it, so that the faithful who actually attend mass will get the word. A press release or a statement in the Dioscean newspaper is way too likely to get overlooked or ignored. Ideally, I think that considering the importance of this document in the history of the church, that an announcement of this ought to be made at each and every mass in the diocese this weekend and the word put out that all those who think they may be interested speak to the priest after mass, or call or email to show their interest.

Either way, I know that things tend to move at glacial speed in the church, so for a bit more I'll keep watching and waiting. I would much rather see things move slowly and deliberately so that they are made a part of the fabric of the diocese than quickly and haphazardly - and thus quickly discarded as "an experiment that failed". Please note, however, that slow and stationary are two different things.


Robin said...

Tom, thank you for the information about Bishop Jugis's meeting on the 11th. I live in Winston-Salem, and it has really bothered me that we hadn't heard anything - I feel better now!

I visit St. Benedict's fairly often (OLG a bit more because it's more convenient) and love Fr. Duc. You are very blessed!

Tom S. said...


Thanks for the comment! I am hoping that whatever Bishop Jugis is working on will be positive. I know that Father Duc told me he would be happy to offer the old mass "if there are enough people interested who would learn the reponses", but without the bishop's "blessing" he won't pursue it. I intend to ask him about it again tomorrow morning after 8:00 mass. I really want it to happen, but I love and respect Father Duc and don't want to push him too much.

Robin said...

Sounds like I may have a good reason to visit St. Ben's more often! I suspect Fr. Fidel and/or Fr. James at OLG would not be averse to learning the extraordinary rite, either. :-)

I'm not very optimistic about getting anything in W-S anytime soon - our pastor has already made some unsolicited negative comments about it - but I'd be delighted if there were one as near as Greensboro.

PS - I meant to tell you before - I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and have been visiting regularly - I really like it!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
A priest from the diocese told me that an email went out to the priests from Fr. Mo asking all those priests who are interested in the extraordinary form of the Mass to contact the chancery and ALSO that formation and training for those priests WOULD BY MADE AVAILABLE!!

I've also heard Holy Angels in Mt. Airy will most likely be offering the extraordinary form starting sometime in Advent- don't quote me on this, seems the pastor is very much open to the extraordinary form. Peace!

Tom S. said...


Thanks, Anon. I hope that this is true. I'm emailing my priest again this morning to see if he has any word on the status of this.

Carolina Cannonball said...

The training for priests is contingent on the show of support.