Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Can't Get No Rest...

So goes the line to a 1970's hit song. But it more or less accurately describes my life right now. Work at work is pretty overwhelming. Business has picked up by about 150% in the past month, and we have lost three key people. At our current work load, my department needs 8 people minimum - six in the field and two in the office. I currently have 4. Which means lots of work for all partiues remaining, most especially myself who now has to run the department, work in the field a few days a week, and do almost all of the drafting and computations. Fortunately, I have purloined a CAD tech from another department to help out. I am NOT bellyaching, just putting it all in perspective.

Fortunately, summer session is almost over at school. I have exams to give and grades to compile, but that will all be over next week, thank God. Then I'll have three glorious weeks off before it all starts back up again.

Ahh, life is glorious. You see, I grew up on depression hard-times-no-work stories from my mother. I dare say they are a part of me. I never once go through a day that I am not thankful for the work I have. It sure beats the alternative.

A vacation would be nice, though! Someday maybe I'll take one.

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