Monday, June 18, 2007

Long Absence

I would like to apologize to my faithful readers for the extended absence from my blog. My life has been pretty challenging these past few weeks.

Without getting into the details, I was in the process of a change of employment, largely because of an unpleasant meeting with my boss. A meeting which led me to believe that I was on the blowout track. A few days and lunches and phone calls later, I had a job offer, and so thursday last, tendered my resignation to my current employer. Well, that started a whole chain of events, talks, phone calls, and agony of a decision amoungst my family, my current and proposed employers, etc.

Well, thanks to earnest prayer, and comtemplation, (and a raise :) ) I have decided to remain where I am. Much to the joy of my wife, I might say, and to myself in a way. I guess the problems with the situation stem from the fact that it is difficult for me, at times to think not as and individual alone, but as a husband and head of a household. It's not that I can't think that way, or don't, but it is not always my default mode.

Thanks to all for the prayers and thoughts.

My wife is a Saint. I thank God for her every day.

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Carolina Cannonball said...

yeah, wives are a good thing to have around.