Monday, March 26, 2007


Ahhh... My first ever blog post on my first ever blog!!!

I don't know really how this will all go. God knows (as does my ever patient wife) that I have an opinion on damn near everything, so I guess this is about the ideal forum in which to hold forth as I please. The biblically astute (not that many will be reading this) many note that, on my blog page, I am using two different translations (Douay-Rheims at the top, King James at the bottom) this is for no other reason than I like the way each verse feels, and the sense it conveys. There is something final and dealy serious about that "wither thou goest". I would have included the latin version, but my illustrious two years of high school latin back in the 70's would just make it kind of pointless. I wouldn't understand it any more than the average reader. I wish (and hope) that that is not always the case, but at this point it is. I see no benefit in trying to pose.

This blog will carry the usual rants and raves that most people feel compelled to spout, but it will mostly be centered on my Catholic faith and practice. As well as it's impementation. In fact, I had never read a blog in my life until last fall when The Drudge Report featured a blurb on the return on Latin to the mass. A few clicks on a few links and I was hooked. Hooked on blogs, that is. I have been hooked on the old Mass since childhood (though I have't actually attended since then). Now, five months later, I have my own blog. I initially signed up just so I could comment on other peoples blogs, but, having signed up, I figured what the hell, I'll give it a try.

I don't necessarily have any inside dope to share on anything about the Church, or practice, or liturgy. But in a sense, I think that may be a good thing. Often, those on the "inside" lose perspective on the "real", having been surrounded by others who are also on the inside. I only hope that I can help give that perspective. My time, and typing skills (I refuse to say "keyboarding") being somewhat limited, my postings will likely be short and sweet (or sour or bitter) but take them as they are, and please, please comment. But, please, no sneering, and if you can't say something without being a smart-ass, don't say it at all. I will tolerate pretty much any range of rational opinions, but no sneering or smart-ass comments will be tolerated at any time under any circumstance.

So, now that I'm initialized, lets roll!!!!

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